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    When was the last time you thought about:

    • Your fantasies about playing the submissive or dominant role with your partner
    • How to bring that to the table without being judged or putting the relationship at risk
    • Your predictable sex life, f--king on autopilot. Vanilla style. Every time.
    • And what the neighbors would say when you push the line between erotic pain and erotic pleasure....

    If so, you've come to the right place.


    • Laying in your bed, blindfolded by your partner, totally out of your control
    • Living out all your sexual fantasies, with toys and safe words
    • Not worrying about being judged or coming across as weird when you talk openly about your experiences
    • And taking your sex life to a dimension you only could dream of....

    Fifty Shades of Grey took the world by storm and made BDSM more popular than ever. People around the globe turned their bedrooms into BDSM dungeons! However, somewhere along those lines a lot of information about the BDSM came across as very dangerous and super offensive. It is time to shine some well-deserved bright light on BDSM and get the real information out there.

    By listening to this audiobook, you will get first-hand knowledge about playing the submissive role. You will discover the beauty of being a submissive and realize it is not at all about just being punished. BDSM is something beautiful, a symbiosis of trust among two or more people, and the submissive one is in fact in control as well!

    Grab yourself a copy and transform your sex life today!

    ©2017 More Sex More Fun Book Club (P)2017 More Sex More Fun Book Club

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