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    With the help of this book, you are going to learn the techniques and value of stretching. You will know how to adjust your body to reach a certain position, how to stretch if something hurts, how to stretch to gain energy and feel rejuvenated, and what to do if you accidentally stretch yourself a bit over the limit. This book aims to educate you on the purpose of each stretch, when to stretch, and how to acquire the skills you need to reach a bit further than yesterday.

    We’re going to talk about:

    • Correct stretching positions. Believe it or not, it is not enough to just do the stretches consistently. To benefit from these stretches, you need to learn how to perform them correctly to get the maximum out of each position.
    • Stretching poses. Each stretching pose brings its own purpose and challenges, and it depends on your own flexibility. Just because something seems simple enough doesn’t mean that it will be. On the other hand, you may be surprised at how easy you may find it to assume a certain position you thought to be complicated and way over your head.
    • How much stretching is enough? As good as stretching is for your body and health, there is a limit to everything. Here we will learn how much stretching is enough and how to find that golden limit that works best for you.
    • Stretching for different purposes - pain relief, relaxation, energy, and more. Learning how to stretch to make yourself feel better physically or emotionally will be immensely significant for you. This is how we learn to manage stress and tension.
    • How often should we stretch to obtain optimal body balance? How often do we make it a habit to perform our stretches? The frequency of stretching has a big role in the development of a good and healthy stretching habit.

    We divided this book into chapters, each focusing on stretches with a different purpose to make this book easy to use. Furthermore, each chapter is divided into different sections describing stretches that focus on a separate muscle group or a part of the body. Each stretch is described in detail with warm-up time, routine, and follow-up if needed. 

    In short, the first chapter contains stretches to relieve stress and help yourself through rough days, while the second chapter focuses on stretches to relieve pain and keep yourself in shape. The third one focuses on stretches that would improve the flexibility of different parts of your body. The fourth chapter explains how you can tone your muscles through stretching and get a fitter and more toned look. The fifth chapter deals with stretches that will increase your overall body strength and resilience. The sixth chapter focuses on weight loss stretches, and the last chapter discusses stretches you can do at work. 

    Each of these chapters contains valuable information on stretching and what to keep an eye on while you are stretching.

    ©2021 Martha Hamilton (P)2021 Martha Hamilton

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