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    The adverse effects of emotional eating are wide and numerous. Ranging from excessive weight gain to chronic dieting, brash eating habits causes even more damage than the comfort you seek when practicing emotional eating. It also promotes chances for health hazards.

    Through this audiobook, you’ll find that understanding the difference between when your body is telling you to eat and when your emotions are telling you to eat is the key to unlocking the path to a better, healthier lifestyle.

    Do you practice emotional eating?

    You’ll find that this book is an interesting and powerful guide to help you make peace with food, free yourself from chronic dieting, and encourage you to lose weight fast via naturally approved means and also through meditation, affirmation, and healthy mini eating habits.

    Further in the book, you’ll learn:

    • Approaches: methods of identifying the current internal dialogue and how to create a new healthy inner dialogue
    • Signals: steps to understand and differentiate between your body’s hunger signals and that of your emotions
    • Processes: steps that help you honor your body through physical movement and lifestyle while reaching your goals, one at a time

    Meanwhile, in this audiobook lies the 10 principles for nourishing a healthy relationship with food as well as steps to build a relationship with food while keeping your body just as healthy as your newly bloomed relationship with food.

    You need to have this audiobook. Buy it today!

    ©2019 Luke Melvyn (P)2020 Luke Melvyn

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