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    You are about to discover how to tap into the power of stoicism to skyrocket your mental toughness, leadership, confidence and resilience!

    Your response to different occurrences or situations in life has a profound effect on many aspects of your life. For example, it will determine if you will stick to your goals until you achieve them, determine the kind of career choices you make, determine how your relationships turn out, determine how much of a success you achieve in your business, and much more.

    We are not very good at responding to different situations or occurrences in our everyday life. We mess up more often than we care to admit.

    And as you would guess, this leaves us hurting and regretting in many ways deep inside.

    • We wish we could sometimes roll back the clock because of saying mean things and wish we could roll back the clock to undo bad decisions we made.
    • We wish there was a way we could cope with everyday stresses of life with greater ease.
    • And wish there was a way we could optimize how we respond to different occurrences in life.

    If this sounds like you, then keep reading; this audiobook will introduce you to the solution to many of your problems i.e. Stoicism, an ancient Greek practice that has been proven to help practitioners (stoics) to live better and more fulfilling lives!

    The stoic way of life, which was followed by some of the greatest minds in human history, is now making a comeback in our age because it has been proven to be wildly effective in helping modern day stoics to cope with today’s hectic world!

    It has helped thousands of people around the world achieve contentment, serenity and deep joy, something that the masses can only wish they could achieve.

    • Are you wondering how stoicism is able to achieve all that?
    • Do you wish to introduce stoicism in your life to become happier, become wiser, become calmer, and deal with everyday challenges like you’ve trained all your life for them?

    This audiobook will show you exactly how. 

    In it, you will learn:

    • How stoicism evolved to become what it is today
    • Powerful stoicism principles that will help you to remain calm in the midst of utter chaos
    • 4 things that stoicism can help you with
    • How to tame and control the way you think
    • How to leverage the power of negative visualization to increase your mental toughness
    • An understanding of the concept of determinism and fatalism as well as how the two relate
    • How to become a stoic in simple steps
    • How to leverage the power of fatalism to become happier in life
    • How to leverage the power of self-deception to live a happier, bolder, and calmer life
    • How meditation might be the answer to some of your struggles in life
    • How to leverage the power of reflection for relaxation to ensure you don’t just react but respond to situations
    • How to apply stoicism in everyday life
    • And much more!

    Don’t be left behind if you wish to learn how to calm down even when you are in the midst of adversity, remain strong, grounded, and unshakeable when the chips are down and pretty much centered irrespective of whatever curveballs life throws at you!

    Get this audiobook now to get started!

    ©2019 Lucas Hewitt (P)2019 Lucas Hewitt

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