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    Stoicism is an ancient school of philosophy, first developed around 300 BC. Despite being incredibly interesting as well as effective, stoicism is not for everyone. Living the life of a Stoic often requires a lot of sacrifice, as well as discipline. 

    With the help of this audiobook, you’ll be able to better understand and embrace a Stoic lifestyle with its virtues and values. You will discover many of the traits of stoic people and how you can become more like them, while also dispelling many of the myths that surround Stoicism.

    In this audiobook, you will learn:

    • What is Stoicism?
    • Stoic principles
    • The best strategies to implement stoicism in your everyday life
    • Who are the most notable Stoic philosophers and their works
    • How Stoicism can help you succeed today
    • And much more....

    The ancient philosophy of Stoicism is a powerful and pragmatic practice that can help you achieve a sense of equilibrium.

    Applying Stoic principles in your daily life, you can transform your life by changing your mind.

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    ©2019 Lucas Grey (P)2020 Lucas Grey

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