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    Audiobook one: Stoicism Made Easy

    This audiobook gives you a quick and easy introduction to Stoicism. It starts off with a brief history of Stoicism and the philosophers who were driving forces behind this line of thought. It also discusses principles as well as the methods you can use to get started on your path to Stoicism. 

    If you are genuinely curious about principles and philosophy of Stoicism, grab this audiobook today!

    Audiobook two: How to Be a Stoic

    This is the second audiobook focusing on Stoicism. In this audiobook, we delve deeper into the understanding of becoming a Stoic by looking at the 10 principles of Stoicism. In each principle, you will also encounter exercises to practice these principles in your daily life. We also look into the characteristics of what a Stoic looks like in everyday life. 

    Audiobook three: History of Stoicism

    This audiobook discusses the history and foundation of Stoicism in detail. It also explores the three main disciplines of Stoicism as well as the modern-day gurus of Stoicism.  

    To understand and practice Stoicism is to also understand and internalize the history of this philosophical school and to know the foundations of it. Where we are right now and who we are as a people is because of the history we have behind us. 

    To truly become a Stoic, you must understand the great Stoics of ancient philosophy, the fundamentals of it in both the Renaissance era and with Christianity, as well as modern-day role models you can emulate.

    Audiobook four: Stoic Meditations

    This audiobook looks at meditation as a way to calm the mind and attain a sense of inner peace, and it is the only effective long-term method that has proven to have real benefits and to be able to free your mind from the worries, mental stress, and anguish the challenges you have in your life may bring. The worries will be there of course, but being able to meditate gives you control over the way you feel instead of letting the emotions run your life.

    The Stoic life like that is completely attainable, and it is among the many reasons why people all over the world have turned to Stoic meditation for the betterment of their health and well-being, mind, body, and soul. 

    ©2018 Mark P. Smith (P)2018 Mark P. Smith

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