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    Do you want financial freedom? Are you wondering how you can turn your retirement funds into financial stability? This book is going to teach you beginning stock information to help you achieve financial freedom. As a beginner's book, it takes a look at easy topics you can learn quickly and start applying to your trading system. It is not meant for the advanced investor, who has already been trading for several years and is ready to move up in their trading plan. There will be plenty for you to learn after you have listened to this book; the aim is to ensure you have a plan that you can use to start small and be a successful trader. Yes, it will take time and education, but in the end you will be on a better path to financial freedom. Get your millionaire mindset in place and start learning these topics today:

    • How to start small, investing in stocks or mutual funds
    • How to build your portfolio slowly over time
    • Common mistakes
    • Trading psychology

    You will also learn:

    • A step by step plan for entering and exiting the market
    • Fundamental and technical analysis
    • Risk/reward ratio
    • Risk management techniques

    ©2016 Christina Sorg (P)2016 Christina Sorg

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