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    As we head toward the kitchen, the monk notices a light outside one of the cabins. "Who is cabin six? Your outside light is on. This is what happens when you are not mindful!" he scolds. I look in the direction he is pointing. My heart drops. It's my room! But how? Where is the switch? Then, I realize it's the switch inside I played with earlier. In my limited state of seeing, I only saw the lights in the room. Little did I think that my actions were affecting something outside of the room! "It's my room." Cheeks burning with embarrassment, I take the walk of shame over to my room to turn off the light. As we move through life we never fully know who or what our actions are affecting. We only see from our own perspective. Just like me not seeing the light outside of my room even though my actions turned it on. I think it's important to remember that even if what we do in life seems mundane or silly, it is still affecting the bigger picture.

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