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    An addiction counselor and a security guard struggle to free a little girl and her father, two lost spirits trapped inside an abandoned mental asylum.

    Addiction counselor Laura Horton returns from college to move in with an old friend and start her career. But her homecoming is jarring. Her friend moves out, leaving Laura alone with the gorgeous but intimidating ex-boyfriend - in a house right next to an ancient graveyard.

    Officer Miller Stanford is a man with a shattered past. His alcoholic dad destroyed their family - a weakness Miller is terrified will consume him, too. The last thing he needs is a sexy, blonde addiction counselor watching his every move. When he begins to see specters in the dark, he starts questioning his own stability.

    But Laura sees her, too - a pathetic child-spirit searching for her father. Then Laura starts digging into old asylum records.... Can Miller and Laura uncover the secrets of Talcott Hall without jeopardizing their love - and lives - in the process?

    ©2017 Frances Brown (P)2018 Frances Brown

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