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    The Spider #27 AudiobookEmperor of the Yellow Death by Norvell W. Page writing as Grant Stockbridge Read by Nick Santa Maria

    Pitiless, astute, ambitious, yellow-skinned Wang-ba emerged from the mystic Orient to proclaim himself Emperor of America! Sight of his green face caused bloodcurdling terror; his anger could be appeased only by soul-twisting agony and writhing, long-lasting death.... Such was the criminal genius whom Richard Wentworth had to kill. Never before has the Spider been squeezed so tightly between the vise-jaws of the law and the lawless. Nor has he ever struggled so fiercely against the pleading of his own brave heart!

    Once more, the incomparable Nick Santa Maria reads another thrilling Spider exploit. Emperor of the Yellow Death, originally published in The Spider magazine, December, 1935.

    Chapter 1: While New York Sleeps Chapter 2: The Turtle's Challenge Chapter 3: The Black River Chapter 4: The Voice of Wang-ba Chapter 5: In the Monster's Toils Chapter 6: Nita's Sacrifice Chapter 7: Hand of Death Chapter 8: Return of the Spider Chapter 9: Fetters of Flame Chapter 10: Traps of Terror Chapter 11: The Mercy of Wang-ba Chapter 12: The Fire Guns Chapter 13: Treachery

    ©1935, 1963 Popular Publications (P)2016

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