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    Hang on for dear life - what a ride!

    At first, young Ryan Chase thought it was no big deal. A minor space collision with a creepy-looking, refurbished Paotow Tanker. Hey, these things happen-right? Sure, unless the one you have plowed into is a murderous psychopath, who has been lying in wait for the young Consignment Freight delivery pilot. The relentless cat-and-mouse galactic chase is on, and Ryan must either match his pursuer's cunning or die trying.

    Unbeknownst to Ryan, there's much more going on than he realizes. By the time his aunt, ex-president Nan Reynolds, and Captain Jason Reynolds, plus the rest of the Star Watch team, are alerted, a much larger conspiracy is also occurring, and Ryan could already be captured - or worse - dead.

    ©2016 Mark Wayne McGinnis (P)2016 Mark Wayne McGinnis

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