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    If you want to learn how to build modern, scalable software with Docker and Kubernetes, then this book is for you. Kubernetes is an open-source, efficient platform to host your applications in a safe and scalable environment, and Docker is the virtualization architecture from the future! 

    With Kubernetes by Jordan Lioy, you will learn all you need to start working with Kubernetes, from zero to advanced topics. 

    • The basics - the theory behind Docker
    • Extensive coverage of Docker architecture
    • Deep dive into core concepts such as images and containers
    • How Docker can organize your projects
    • Networking, volumes, and security
    • Docker Certified Associate (DCA) coverage
    • What is a Kubernetes container and why they matter
    • Why resource management is crucial
    • The basics of microservices and orchestration
    • How Kubernetes fits into this world
    • How to use pods, services, controllers, and labels
    • How to use load balancers and why you always should
    • The best way to handle updates and gradual rollouts
    • How to use storage effectively
    • Techniques to monitor and log what happens in your software
    • The most important security tools to use
    • How to run Kubernetes with OCP, CoreOS, and Tectonic
    ©2020 Jordan Lioy (P)2021 Jordan Lioy

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