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This book will delve into the secret mind of sociopaths and psychopaths. By nature, these are dangerous individuals who can play havoc with your life. Your college mate, office colleague, or someone in your family may be hiding the fact they are sociopaths or worse - psychopaths. Unlike other disorders, sociopathy or psychopathy goes undiscovered because those who are afflicted by it are known to use subterfuge and deception. Why bother about such people if they are so difficult to identify? It is important for you to identify such people and take positive and affirmative action by avoiding them altogether. They can do serious damage to your life. They work insidiously and take advantage of you. They are manipulative and just don't care about your welfare. A bulldozer may well run over you for all they care.

Psychopaths are a very dangerous breed of animals that simply don't have something called a conscience. Isn't it alarming that a quarter of prisoners who have committed heinous crimes like rape and murder are psychopaths?

This book will provide all the information you need to spot them, check them, and avoid them. By listening this book you may actually save your life.

©2017 Ted Dawson (P)2017 Ted Dawson

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