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Social Media: 10 Proven Steps to Becoming a Social Media Marketing Master with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Autor: Jerry Kershen
Sprecher: Michael Tingle
Spieldauer: 54 Min.

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Discover how to master social media for your business! Let the world know you!

Social media has opened the door for everybody to promote almost anything. It doesn't have to involve any money because it works in a way that money can't necessarily buy.

Having a big presence is not just for the big companies anymore. It doesn't matter if your business is a small home business, or a large corporation, you can promote your business beyond national boundaries with social media.

Do you want to learn all about social media marketing? You've come to the right place! You'll learn all of the necessary information in order to begin social media marketing and do it successfully!

This book is a concrete step-by-step guide to master social media and promote your business all over the world.

Inside the book you'll learn:

  • The concept of social media marketing
  • The potential of social media marketing
  • How to connect with the audience
  • How to reach out for a larger audience
  • How to develop goals
  • How to develop a plan
  • How to understand your platform
  • How to create great and engaging content
  • How to do blogging
  • How to keep your brand image consistent
  • How to track your competition
  • How to measure your success

You'll learn all the above and much more about social media marketing just by following the 10 simple steps in this invaluable book.

Save yourself from making mistakes that can be avoided with the information in this book.

©2016 Jerry Kershen (P)2016 Jerry Kershen


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