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    Do you want to receive monthly direct deposits from the US government?!

    Then you need this compilation of three extremely valuable condensed guides on all things government contracting. If you haven't listened to any yet, now is the time. Anyone can become a government contractor. These guides will assist you in the process of registering your business to do business with the government. They will also provide some extremely valuable resources that will propel you to the top of the government contracting landscape. 

    The three guides included in this bundle are:

    Government Contracting: How to Register Your Business, Land Huge Contracts and Make it Rain!
    Government Contracting - How to Bid Properly: Increase Your Chances of Securing Contracts
    Government Contracting - Make Money Anywhere in the U.S.A.: How to Obtain Government Contracts with the Intention of Utilizing Subcontractors

    Terms and Conditions - Legal Notice: 

    The author has done his best to be as accurate as possible in the creation of this guide. Yet, there is no representation at any time that the contents of this guide are currently accurate, simply due to the rapid, ever-changing content on the internet. All attempts to verify information have been made for this work, but the seller assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or misconstrued/misinterpreted interpretation of the material within. This guide is to be used for entertainment purposes only. The author suggests that you use your own judgement and consider your individual circumstances before acting. 

    The intention of this book is not for strict use as legal, financial, or personal advice. Again, this guide is to be used for entertainment purposes only.

    ©2019 Brad W. King (P)2019 Brad W. King

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