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Snowstorm Passion

An Erotic Romance
Autor: Alexia Wells
Sprecher: Lila Fallon
Spieldauer: 55 Min.

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Snowed in while a storm dumps three feet of snow on her house in Maine, Alyssa Silva doesn't really mind that the road isn't plowed yet. It means that she has to stay home from work, and with the internet out she can't even work from home. She needed a break from her busy routine. She wanted some down time to relax, but truly what she wanted more than anything else was a hot guy in her life, who was crazy about her and wanted nothing more than to pleasure her and be with her. Too much to hope for, she knew. When Shane Stone, who fills the job description to a tee, shows up on her doorstep, wet and freezing, after his car goes off the road, first he needs to get out of those wet clothes. And after the power goes out, he finds a way to get her out of her clothes, too, and gives her just what she wants and much more, more than she ever dreamed. Alyssa discovers that sometimes you not only get what you need, you get what you want, too.

PLEASE NOTE: Snowstorm Passion is version of the author's popular erotic Christmas romance, Snowbound in Maine. In this version the holiday magic is replaced by a more down to earth case of love at first sight. The characters are different and there are many other changes but ultimately, like the Christmas story, it is about one man and one woman who find ecstasy with each other. This story has sexually explicit content.

©2013 Alexia A. Wells (P)2013 Alexia A. Wells

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