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    Darren: I’m marrying the wrong woman, while the right one secretly carries my love child.

    I never wanted things to turn out this way.

    I never wanted to be the guy who f--ks his assistant and knocks her up, and then pays her off to keep it quiet. Except, here I am doing just that. It’s breaking Cheyenne’s heart and seeing her in pain breaks mine. I got her into this mess.

    I needed a political marriage.

    Marrying Crystal means more money, influence, and respect for my family.

    Breaking the engagement to marry Cheyenne means a lawsuit and scandal- especially when people find out why. And they will.

    If Crystal’s good at anything, it’s cold-blooded revenge.

    But a chance at life and a family with Cheyenne may just be worth facing it.

    ©2019 Michelle Love (P)2019 Passion for Reading Publishing, LLC

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