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    Trapped inside their snow-covered car on a lonely road, their very survival demands intimacy that develops demands of its own...

    Looking forward to a hot meal and the warm company promised by the long drive to a relative's home on a winter's night, Lisa and Luke never expect the next snow storm to hit sooner than predicted. When it transforms into a full-blown blizzard, Lisa's parental instincts kick in and demand that she find a safe place to pull off the road and wait out the threatening weather conditions.

    Luke's youthful impatience and tendency to dwell on the negative aspects of their sudden predicament are easily quelled by Lisa's nurturing demeanor and constant reassurance. Their friendly banter and familial joking soon return...until the weatherman's radio report confirms their biggest fears and leaves them no choice but to come to terms with their entrapment in the confined space of their compact car on a country roadside in the black of night.

    Without the slightest cell phone signal and knowing the importance of conserving the car's fuel, Lisa and Luke relent to their winter surroundings as the cold begins to seep in. It's soon obvious that the only way they can stay warm - the only way they're guaranteed to survive the night - is by lying close together in the backseat as their exhausted minds finally allow them to fall asleep.

    What happens next, no one could have predicted. No one would have dared.

    When two bodies lie so close, when the situation is one of survival, when fear and the desperate, subconscious seeking of assurance drives their dreaming needs and necessitates certain irrevocable urges, a young man and the older woman he holds in his arms to warm can't possibly be held responsible for their actions... for where their bodies - and nature - leads them.

    ©2014 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press

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