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Snowballing My Cuckold: A Hotwife Gives Back

Autor: Parker Pascal
Sprecher: Danny Céspedes
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 6 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Trudy likes her husband to clean up after himself. And Darren doesn't mind sharing a hot snowball. But if he wants to share his hotwife, will she expect him to clean up after another man?

Darren has indulged his wife's little kink until it's become his own. After all, there's nothing he likes more than giving her what she wants.

When Trudy's friend Shelly gets in the way of a much-needed promotion, they face a choice: Trudy can stay true to Darren, stay in her dead-end job, and let Shelly play the part of the hotwife...or she can give the strapping new boss something Shelly won't.

Or at least that's what Trudy tells Darren. And as things heat up, the couple are both asking themselves the same question: Are we doing this because we have to? Or are we doing it because we want to?

Watching your wife with another man is one thing. But will she taste the same? How far will Trudy go? And will her husband follow her? This sloppy tale of backroom trysts, cell phone videos, sticky kisses, and shared snowballs moves to a salty conclusion that's shocking, sweet, and good to the last hot drop.

©2018 Parker Pascal (P)2018 Parker Pascal

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