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Smart Goal Setting

Proven Tips & Tricks to Better, Deeper Sleep for Your Health, Happiness & Success
Autor: Lance Devoir
Sprecher: Jason Lovett
Spieldauer: 41 Min.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Control of Your Personal Life & Goals

Are you ready to set goals that you’ll actually achieve? First of all, let me ask you a few quick questions. Do you consider yourself an ambitious person? Have you encountered trouble trying to achieve your goals in the past? Are you filled with dreams and aspirations? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions Smart Goal Setting is a must-listen! Writing down goals on a piece of paper is easy, anyone can do that… The hardest part is actually taking action to achieve that goal. Smart Goal Setting will teach you the process to achieve the goals you set, regardless of how lofty they may be! Here’s a preview of what this audiobook contains:

  • The importance of smart when setting goals
  • How to set goals for each aspect of your life
  • Turning your goals into lifelong habits
  • My 10 step plan to conquer any goal
  • And much, much more.

Ready to get started? There’s no need to be discouraged due to goals you’ve previously set and haven’t achieved. Smart Goal Setting is designed to turn you into a winner, to guide you through the process of setting, and achieving those goals and dreams of yours.

©2014 Lance Devoir (P)2014 Lance Devoir


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