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    Please note: contains strong language and adult content.

    From the creators of The Katering Show comes an ordinary workplace comedy set in the most extraordinary place on earth. 

    Maya joins the long-running and much-lauded Bennett Station Adelie Penguin Program as a research assistant in Antarctica. By the time everyone figures out Maya’s completely unqualified for her job it’s too late – the ship is already en route back to Australia and no-one is getting in, or out, of Antarctica until the summer season ends.

    Written by Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney and produced by Guesswork Television in association with OK Great Productions.

    Performed by 

    Pallavi Sharda (MAYA/ MAYA'S MUM)

    Greg Larsen (KYLE) 

    Vidya Rajan (VEDI) 

    Dilruk Jayasinha (KEHAN) 

    Kate McLennan (NAT) 

    Kate McCartney (EMBETH/ LETICIA) 

    Rebecca Massey (MARY) 

    Paul F. Tompkins (RICK THE PILOT) 

    Shaun Micallef (MURRAY) 

    Eddie Perfect (MINISTER)

    Kris McQuade (CATHERINE) 

    Zoe Coombs Marr (CLAIRE) 

    Dave Lawson (TOMMY/ MARCUS) 

    Max Brown (BRENT/ PAUL/ DEREK) 

    Anne Edmonds (NURSE/ REGINA) 

    Bjorn Stewart (DARREN/ GEORGE)


    Sun Park (DR PETA) 

    Wayne Blair (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS) 

    Alex Menglet (YVGENY) 

    Natalia Novikova (TONYA)

    This is an Audible Original. Free for members. You can download all 8 episodes to your Library now.

    ©2021 Guesswork Television Pty Ltd. (P)2021 Audible Australia Pty Ltd.

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