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Slave to the King: Gay Vikings

Autor: Em Covax
Sprecher: Clive Kelly
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 50 Min.
Regulärer Preis: 7,95 €
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When Jacob Goodfellow was just a boy, he was taken from his home and brought across the ocean to become a slave in the North Lands under the rule of the Viking ruler, Erick the Fierce. Living under the roof of the king, he was placed in the charge of the queen and was her personal servant and for many years, he loved her as the only mother that he would ever know. Jacob soon came to be known as Jake and throughout his life, he would sneak into the queen’s chambers and marvel at her many, delicate things. He’d always had an affinity for all things feminine but he knew that he had to appear as masculine as any Viking man.  

As Jake grew older, he found that he held no romantic feelings for the fairer sex but always wondered what it would be like to have been in the arms of his king. He held a love for Erick for most of his life, only to have it build into something that he was sure he could not contain. The rule of Erick was widespread and he’d conquered the entire area of the North Lands and when the king of Einland heard of Erick’s widespread fame, he decided that it was time to cut down the barbarian and return the stolen lands to their rightful people. With the help of his one, true god on his side, Hamish the Horrible knew that he would be victorious. He gathered his army and sailed to the North Lands where he planned to destroy the king, only to find him absent upon his arrival so Hamish felt it necessary to take the next best thing.  

The raid of Hamish left many things in disarray but it also gave Jake a small chance to finally become closer to Erick and the two of them shared a night that was to never be spoken of again. Jake finds comfort in the arms of another, feeling as if he might never win the heart of the one he truly loves. Erick knows the true feelings of Jake’s heart but must make sure that they remain secret, for the punishment of such a relationship is death. Will the pain of the past be enough to

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