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    The Skull and Bones society, for decades, has captured the imagination of thousands. With such an ominous name, people across the globe have questioned the practices, rituals, and beliefs of the members.

    With rumors of all sorts of activity surrounding the acts of the society, it can be incredibly difficult to know what to believe. Are they as bad as some think they are? Do they engage in Satanic rituals and activities? Do they break the law wantonly, without a thought to who they hurt or what consequences they bring?

    Skull and Bones, like all secret societies, has striven to remain out of the public's eye. But, as with all secret societies, there are those who didn't uphold their promise of secrecy, and have leaked information about the internal practices of the group.

    In this book, we are going to examine this information, and get a glimpse inside this elite social group. From the initiations and rituals to the practices and the society's deepest, darkest secrets - come with me on this journey.

    Let's discover what really goes on inside the Skull and Bones society, and finally learn the truth. With an unprecedented unveiling of what truly goes on behind closed doors, this book is going to reveal the truth behind this society....

    Here is a preview of what's inside....

    • Skull and Bones: Who they are
    • Skull and Bones: The darkness of the skull
    • Skull and Bones: Becoming a Bone: Initiation
    • Skull and Bones: The Skull and Bones rituals
    • Skull and Bones: Surviving the skull
    • Skull and Bones: Getting out: leaving the society
    • Much, much more!

    ©2017 William Myron Price (P)2017 William Myron Price

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