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    At the Sissy Dollhouse, men are captured by the beautiful dominatrix Tanya Payne and turned into brainwashed transgender whores, using seduction, drugs, hypnosis, surgery, and hormones.
    In Season Three, three of Tanya's dolls escape and begin to have dirty adventures in the outside world. 

    This is the complete third season of the continuing series, featuring 12 parts, also available individually or as part of four three-part volumes. 

    Part 25 - The Gurlfriend Experience
    Part 26 - Little Lost Tgirl
    Part 27 - Tranny Stowaways
    Part 28 - A Little Tranny Assistance
    Part 29 - Caught Playing Dress-up
    Part 30 - Hitching the Road to Freedom
    Part 31 - Vicious Tranny Pet
    Part 32 - Tranny Paradise Motel
    Part 33 - Shemale Interrogation Techniques
    Part 34 - Biker Bar Bunnies
    Part 35 - Biker-Gurl Gang Initiation
    Part 36 - Filthily Ever After

    ©2018 Jenna Masters (P)2021 Jenna Masters

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