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    At the Sissy Dollhouse men are captured by the beautiful dominatrix Tanya and turned into mind controlled transgender dolls using seduction, drugs, hypnosis, surgery, and hormones; then they are used as programmable prostitutes for fulfilling the fantasies of rich clients.
    This is the complete first season of the continuing series, featuring 12 parts also available individually or as part four of three part volumes.

    • Part 1: The Forced Feminization Compound
    • Part 2: Hypnotizing Jeff into Jen
    • Part 3: Used by Tanya and her Tranny Assistant
    • Part 4: Forced Fem Hypno Session
    • Part 5: The Bimbo's New Body
    • Part 6: Tranny Schoolgirls for Mr. Jarvis
    • Part 7: Prison Release Program for Pretty Boys
    • Part 8: The Futile Resistance of a Femboy Slave
    • Part 9: Feminized to Perfection
    • Part 10: Tranny Gangbang Nurse
    • Part 11: Tgirl Bride Forced Black
    • Part 12: Gurl Scout Cookies
    ©2017 Jenna Masters (P)2019 Jenna Masters

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