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Following these tasks will slowly take away your manhood and mold you into the proper sissy slave your mistress desires. You may find some of these sissy chastity assignments to be more difficult than others. Some may last only a few hours while others will last a complete week, depending on what your mistress requires of you. Becoming a perfect sissy slave to your mistress can be demeaning and humiliating at times, but you will be rewarded in knowing that you are proving your devotion to your mistress. You are to remember that these tasks are to please your mistress, not you.

Completing these sissy tasks will prove your devotion to your mistress and will show her you are sincere about your sissy training. These sissy training tasks are to help your mistress mold you into the perfect little sissy for whom she is looking. If she at any time is not satisfied with the completion of these tasks or your training in general, she will be forced to come up with something more difficult and demeaning with which to punish you.

So what are you waiting for? Take the sissy chastity challenge and become a better sissy for your mistress!

©2014 Mistress Dede (P)2015 Mistress Dede

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