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    Who is BlackJack?

    It's September 1953, and a helicopter crashes in the jungle. The pilot and a military policeman are burned to death, and it’s unclear what they were doing, but this was no accident. The name BlackJack is found at the scene.

    Ash Carter knew that the Special Investigations Branch were tracking a killer, and the discovery of a faceless body draws Carter into the case that involves the murder of ex-soldiers. When his SIB contact disappears, Carter races to north-east Malaya. There, he finds a mysterious town that the locals won’t talk about.

    With no sign of his contact, Carter wonders if he’s on the wrong trail. But then, one of the town’s ex-soldiers is murdered, and he knows BlackJack is here. As the body count racks up, Carter realizes he’s also a target and no longer knows who he can trust.

    ©2020 Murray Bailey (P)2020 Murray Bailey

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