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    Many women have been duped by the malevolent and malicious gaslighter. What’s even worse is that the gaslighter will go on duping more partners throughout his or her life. The gaslighter enjoys causing drama and shaking up people’s normal lives. He or she enjoys taking things from others, and the gaslighter thinks that the world owes him. The gaslighter is out to get whatever he or she can from the rest of the population. The gaslighter doesn’t care whose things he takes. And the gaslighter doesn’t care who he or she hurts in the process.

    People think that the gaslighter should have morals and values when he or she is relating to the general public. We assume the person talking to us is telling us some portion of the truth. The truth of the matter is that the gaslighter can spin a tale a mile long. He or she can lie about his or her entire identity. You really don’t know the gaslighter at all. He doesn’t want you to know him. He wants to be as ambiguous as he can so that no one suspects him of doing all his malevolent activities (and getting away with them).  

    Why does the gaslighter bother to cover his tracks? Why doesn’t he show us his true nature? Why is he so ambiguous? 

    This answer is simple: The gaslighter loves his freedom. He won’t go to jail if he can help it. He will lie to the police or the FBI or the CIA or the pope. He will lie to me. He will lie to you. He will lie to his boss or his kids or his own mother.

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    ©2019 Lily Love LLC (P)2021 Lily Love LLC

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