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    Welcome to Volume 4 of the Sex Slaves series by Mars Audio Books - Defiled and Debased.

    Introducing four more tales of slave training compounds; abduction and forced submission; of a life of sexual servitude - where you must serve your Master well...or else suffer the consequences.

    We tell of remote islands where traffickers train their slaves in all aspects of sexual servitude before being sold to the highest bidder; of a castle with hidden dungeons and torture chambers where no-one can hear you scream; of a female office clerk kidnapped and punished for stealing from her boss; and of the Dream Master who controls your every desire...dare you ever dream again?! For a captive slave girl, non-compliance can mean only one thing - severe punishment. The pain...but oh, the pleasure!

    This collection from Mars Audio Books consists of four unabridged stories by Claire Thompson: ‘Enslaved’, ‘Dream Master', 'The Compound' and ‘Slave Island'. 

    NB: these titles are all available individually.

    Warning: adults only. This book contains scenes some listeners may find objectionable. Included are scenes of forced submission; oral, vaginal and anal sex; sex toys; and BDSM.

    ©2019 Romance Unbound Publishing (P)2019 Mars Audio Books

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