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    The sex stories collection to end all collections! Over 100 lustful, dirty, taboo, romantic, and erotic short stories to discover for your ultimate pleasure!

    Do you want to spice up your romantic and sex life and feel the power of unbridled desire?

    Are you ready for all your fantasies to come true in the sexiest way possible?

    If so, this is just the book for you! It’s a varied selection of some of the best sex stories you’ll ever listen to.

    There are so many ways to have fun with our sexuality, and listening to short sex stories certainly sits close to the top. From the ancient writers to today’s inspired lovers, sex stories have been the staple for everyone horny and looking to fulfill their desires by listening to hot, steamy, dirty adventures of strangers.

    This book is a bundle of 12 different erotic books, and there’s no taboo or position left untouched. You will have so much material to choose from, but you probably won’t be able to get through even one story without exploding from pleasure! This book will become your dirty little secret and a cherished friend for many long and steamy nights to come.

    What makes this book special:

    • It features over 100 of the best short sex stories ever published!
    • There’s something for everyone, from the most popular taboos, to gentle boyfriend sex, and some weirdly fun kinks.
    • It’s imaginative and creative, and it will give you plenty of ideas to try out with a partner.
    • These stories will make you burn with desire, whether you’re into anal, submission, workplace romances, or public sex.
    • And so much more!

    Are you ready for the hottest night of your life? Scroll up, click on "buy now", and get the audiobook!

    ©2020 Mia G. Brown (P)2021 Mia G. Brown

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