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  • Sex Positions

  • Guide for Beginners with Exciting Positions for Wonderful Sex Experiences for Men and Women. Transform Couple’s Sex Life and Explore Your Fantasies and Sexuality. Tips for Couples
  • Autor: Rachel Meurisse
  • Sprecher: Megan Dooley
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 3 Min.
  • Kategorien: Erotik, Sexpraktiken

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    Try these sex positions if you want to rekindle your sex life! 

    Research says that most couples only use up to four sex positions. Of course, you may be perfectly satisfied with your sex life even if you alternate between two positions. However, for a woman, even a slight change in position can spark totally different sensations, so sticking to the basics makes her miss out on lots of pleasure. 

    Admittedly, there are hundreds of sex position guides on the market. Why is this particular audiobook so special?

    It provides literally dozens of sex positions that you can try right now. The positions are classified according to the experience level and the type of intercourse. And there are options to spice up your love-making even further by the use of toys and accessories. Besides, this book isn’t just about mechanical movements. It touches upon topics such as sexual compatibility and the role of sex in your relationship.

    Here’s what you’ll discover in this audiobook:

    • Dozens of sex positions, ranging from the classics for beginners to some hardcore experimenting for experienced lovers
    • A guide to sex games and role-play for couples
    • Tips for couples who want to unleash their sexual energy with erotic massage
    • The magic factor in bed
    • The secrets of sexual compatibility that no one else will tell you

    Even if you think you’re fully satisfied with your favorite position...well, think again. Physical changes such as pregnancy can make certain positions impossible, painful, or potentially harmful, and you’ll have to rethink your preferences. Then, you can just listen to this guide and find something to try! 

    Besides, learning together with your partner will increase your levels of trust and intimacy, so sex will become even hotter!

    Are you ready for the best sex of your life? Scroll up, click on the "buy now" button, and get the audiobook.

    ©2020 Rachel Meurisse (P)2020 Rachel Meurisse

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