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  • Sex Stories for Adults

  • Explicit, Forbidden & Filthy. BDSM, Threesomes, Virgins and Milfs, Domination, Cuckold, Lesbian, Bisexual & Gay Fantasies, Taboo Sex Stories, How to Talk Dirty, Tantric Sex, Femdom
  • Von: Eva Harmon
  • Gesprochen von: Jupiter Grant
  • Spieldauer: 21 Std. und 24 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch
  • Kategorien: Erotik, Literatur & Belletristik

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    Sex Life

    Six sex discovery books in one

    Taboo Sex Stories:

    Warning: This book is for adults that are looking for something to drive them wild. 

    Are you looking for something to spice up your night? Look no further — this book features seven highly erotic stories that will tickle your fancy while you tickle something else. If you’re into taboo, sexy stories filled with subjects that would make your mother blush, you’re in the right place. Listen to this book and find something to get your panties soaked today. You’ll find stories that are rough and sensual at the same time, tickling taboo fancies and wetting panties.

    How to Talk Dirty:

    • An understanding of what dirty talk is and why it is not inherently disrespectful — but it can be
    • How to use dirty talk in your relationship in a way that is erotic and enjoyable for you and your partner, no matter what your boundaries are
    • How to use dirty talk as a form of foreplay to keep your partner turned on and desperate for your body
    • Insight into the mind of the man and his desires, as well as how you can speak to men to turn them on
    • Information on how to understand women and what they want
    • An introduction to sexting and everything that goes with it
    • All sorts of things to not do in the bedroom
    • And more

    Sex Positions for Couples:

    This book is here to teach you how you can improve your sex life. In this book, you will learn:

    • Why you should bring kama sutra and tantra into your bedroom
    • The best sex positions for men and women
    • The best sex positions to bring the two of you together
    • Sex tips for the beginner
    • Foreplay games to get things heated up
    • How to practice couples massages
    • The best way to start using dirty talk without feeling weird

    Tantric Sex:

    • The fundamentals of tantric sex and what it involves
    • The role meditation and relaxation in tantric sex
    • Exercises which can help you sync your entire movements
    • The ways in which tantric sex can help you discover new levels of pleasure
    • How to pleasure your partner while pleasuring yourself at the same time
    • How to engage in sexual activity without thinking about “sex”
    • How to foster intimacy and build mutual trust
    • Making the most of the time you have with your partner so experiences are truly memorable
    • Recommended positions that will surely leave you wanting more
    • Discovering the ways in which orgasms can lift you to new heights


    • The world and femdom and how you can become a powerful mistress without much difficulty
    • How to train your male subs so that they are reduced into a shaking maggot
    • The ways in which you can set up your personal domain to reflect your dominant personality
    • The types of outfits you can wear to suit your taste and personal style
    • The ways in which you can subject your male subs to excruciating torture and humiliation
    • The use of props and devices which you can put to good use during your femdom scenes and encounters
    • The use of chairs and tables in your domination scenes
    • How you can use bathroom play to really take things up a notch while reducing your sub to nothing
    • How to use torture effectively especially as a means of punishment
    • Cuckoldry and other humiliation tactics

    Kama Sutra for Beginners:

    • What the Kama Sutra is
    • What the different sections of the Kama Sutra contain
    • The benefits of the Kama Sutra
    • How the Kama Sutra can improve your sex life
    ©2020 Eva Harmon (P)2020 Eva Harmon

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