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    This 14-step guide to rejuvenating your sex life is a highly praised and effective way to get things back on track. It is perfectly normal for issues to arise in relationships that take the attention away from the bedroom, but within this guide, you have the chance to rekindle your love life in a way that feels comfortable, natural and effective, without feeling pressured whatsoever.

    Make sex a priority; get the attention back to the bedroom! 

    This book includes:

    • Why your sex life my not be where it should;
    • How to change your sex life for the better;
    • A 14-step plan to improve your sex life; and 
    • Lots of different ways that you can make your sex life great again!  

    And a bonus recommendation when you reach the end of the book! 

    Romance can be a gentle topic in relationships. Whether you've been dating for six months or married for six years, affection in the bedroom can wane, and you might need a push to get it that spark back in your life. That's where this book comes in. 

    Maybe you'd like to rediscover a strong physical connection to your partner, or maybe you'd like to enlighten your sexual self-awareness or just feel more comfortable in the bedroom.

    The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Self Life will help make sex a priority again.

    ©2020 Jessic White (P)2021 Jessic White

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