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    When was the last time you fucked his brains out?

    Getting your man to open up about his feelings is not easy. The key is to see the world from his perspective. If you combine that with amazing sex, well, he will be thinking about you 24/7.

    Getting to that point is the tricky part. You don't want him to be with you only because of sex. You want to develop strong chemistry and add sex on top of a solid foundation of mutual trust, respect, and shared values.

    This book gives you a roadmap to your man's brains so you can influence him on a physical, emotional, and sexual level.

    You'll learn:

    • What do men think about sex?
    • How to think like a man
    • How to communicate with your man
    • Why to fuck his mind before you fuck his body
    • How to create emotional intimacy with your man
    • How to spice things up in the sack

    Are you ready to see the world from your man's perspective? 

    ©2017 More Sex More Fun Book Club (P)2018 More Sex More Fun Book Club

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