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    Nod if you recognize any of the following....

    • You hook up with a beautiful person.... You feel the pressure.... You just want to give them the best time ever....
    • You want to make your partner come multiple times....
    • You want to get inside your partner’s mind and really understand the way he or she thinks about sex....
    • And you want to learn a lot more about men’s and women’s sexuality....

    If so, you’ve come to the right place.

    Experience amazing sex mentally, physically and emotionally - two books in one!

    Amazing sex lies in the foundation of understanding each other. This audiobook includes two manuscripts, one from the women's perspective and one from the male's perspective. We dig into the underlying emotional foundations and provide you with the best information available. It is all right here to make your sex life the best!

    Grab yourself a copy and prepare yourself for an amazing experience!

    ©2017 More Sex More Fun Book Club (P)2018 More Sex More Fun Book Club

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