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    Do you have a passionate and fulfilling sex life?

    Could your sex life benefit from new and better sex positions?

    Have you ever thought about trying Tantric Sex?

    Has your sex life floundered in recent years?

    Has the spark slowly diminished to the point where you doubt you will ever get it back?

    Do you want to rediscover your intimacy and libido?

    One of the most common problems that many couples face is a desynchronization of their sexual desire. This problem can arise from a variety of causes that are linked to our age, lifestyle choices, stress, and other factors. But the good news is that none of it is permanent and there are lots of things you can do to get your libido back on track.

    A stimulating and satisfying sex life is one of the most important cornerstones of any successful relationship. To have such a sex life takes a lot of patience and knowledge, and while some people naturally click and seem to need no assistance, for others it can be a frustration that needs help from some of the oldest practices in the world.

    In this bookyou will be treated to some amazing insights and ideas that have stood the test of time, with chapters that cover:

    • The secrets behind Tantra
    • Karma and sex
    • The sacred sexual role of women
    • Activity and passivity in sex
    • Taking care of your partner and why it is so important
    • The secret of sexual compatibility
    • Creating an intimate atmosphere
    • The basic formula of love
    • The vessels of female power
    • How to create an aura of passion
    • The main causes of a decrease in libido
    • The truth behind erotic dreams
    • How to have an orgasm
    • Tantric practices
    • And lots more....

    All of us will probably find that our libido decreases at some point in our lives. The problem has always been how to find it once more and you no longer have to wonder how you’ll do it.

    Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy of the book that will revive your sex life!

    ©2020 Silvia Gin Moore (P)2020 Sylvia Gin Moore

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