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    Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to have more self-discipline? Do you want to show everyone who ever doubted you that they were wrong?

    Where other dieting books fail, this one will not only give you the confidence to begin your dieting journey but also teach you tips and tricks to develop the self-disciplined mindset necessary for successful weight loss. Use my unique experience, simple tips, and easy-to-understand advice, and you’ll conquer your goals together with me as your diet coach.

    This audiobook will teach you:

    • The importance of losing weight for the important reasons
    • How you can avoid temptations and remove them from your life, permanently
    • What and how to eat in order meet your weight-loss goals
    • How to maintain your motivation when you want to give up
    • Tips and tricks for strengthening your willpower and overcome the things that usually end your diet
    • How to end your cravings with clever suggestions and tricks
    • How to keep going when you hit the weight-loss plateau
    • How to develop the mindset to stick to your diet

    You don’t have to just dream. Get the book, and make your dreams your reality!

    ©2019 Steven Hopkins (P)2019 Steven Hopkins

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