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    Be more self-disciplined, accomplish what you dream of, and change your life.

    Do you feel like you are not focused and cannot get things done even after you decide to?

    Do you want to adopt a methodology using which you will consistently accomplish the goals you set out to?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading.

    So many people make new year’s resolutions, or decide to make critical changes in life by being more disciplined. But it doesn’t work for them. That is because in order to get things done regularly requires focus and a proven system to work with. And that is why you need this audiobook.

    With this guide, you will know the fundamental framework required to be more disciplined to achieve any task you put your mind to.

    In this indispensable audiobook, you will:

    • Get a perspective into what it means to be self-disciplined
    • Learn what comprises self-discipline and how it works
    • Find out the role of self-conditioning in the process
    • Discover the little things that will make a big difference
    • Know what mental blocks you face and how to remove them
    • Develop the right habits to fully benefit and avoid any pitfalls
    • And much more!

    You may think that it is too much work, or time consuming and potentially requires taking coaching lessons and spending thousands of dollars. None of this is true.

    All you need is to take a few minutes a day to learn the practical lessons from this audiobook and put them into practice. Be consistent and it will change your life over time.

    Buy this audiobook now and let’s begin!

    ©2020 Gary Fishburne (P)2021 Gary Fishburne

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