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Organize your family life and your workplace with this professional project management philosophy

If you’ve ever Googled anything related to planning and managing projects, you’re sure to have seen the words “scrum” and “agile”. And if you’ve been browsing job offers recently, you’ve probably noticed how many companies are looking for “scrum masters”.   

So…what is scrum, who is a scrum master, and why should you care? Well, project management is literally everywhere even if you don’t notice it. Your kitchen renovation is a project, your wedding is a project, even your Christmas shopping is a project - any set of actions that has a specific goal is a project. Unfortunately, project management isn’t taught at schools, and that’s why so many people have to hire a project management pro like a wedding organizer. 

Scrum is a framework of so-called agile project management that’s particularly popular in software development and tech in general. In agile project management, the entire project isn’t planned out in advance: the teams plan a sprint (a few weeks of work), then review their work and plan the next sprint. This makes planning much simpler, more flexible, and more open to change. OK, you think, this sounds nice, but what exactly does all this mean? Don't worry - this book will explain everything in a beginner-friendly, practical way.   

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The surprising ways in which scrum can revolutionize your personal life - including parenting (spoiler: scrum can greatly reduce parental shouting!) 
  • The practical use of scrum techniques to improve group communication and teamwork 
  • How to implement scrum in the workplace to make customers happier 
  • Everything you need to know about each phase of a scrum project 
  • And much more! 

As you see, scrum is not just for companies that develop software. Anyone can use scrum to greatly improve their daily routines and personal life - you can do it, too! Learn the art of managing projects like a pro.

©2019 Homer Herring (P)2019 Homer Herring

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