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Sampling His Legendary Sexual Prowess

Space Opera Erotica
Autor: Kiara Keeley
Sprecher: T.K. Love
Spieldauer: 36 Min.

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Captain Tyler Scott is an infamous thief and smuggler, whose latest escapade has landed him in a perilous situation. After attempting to steal a precious artifact, he is captured and imprisoned by its owner, the fearsome Queen Raylah. Her attempts to interrogate him prove unsuccessful, likely condemning him to a grisly fate. 

However, he soon finds himself swept up in a daring escape, orchestrated by one of Raylah's beautiful slave girls. Her name is Ylana, and she helps Tyler to his ship, in exchange for sampling his legendary sexual prowess. 

©2020 Kiara Keeley (P)2020 Kiara Keeley

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