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    There's a science behind sales.

    Selling is a game of perception, and perception can be manipulated with the the right techniques. This collection by Luigi Padovesi contains three manuscripts that will apply scientific concepts to the sales process, drastically increasing your closing rates.


    Neuro-Linguistic Programming can boost your sales skills. Everything you say, your tone of voice, body posture, and facial expression have an impact on both your neurology and that of your interlocutor. This is the ABC of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

    Neurological language and processes are closely related. You will learn how to leverage the language and all kinds of communication to start mental routines in the brain of your customer.

    These techniques will allow you to influence and manipulate the flow of thoughts of your client's mind to bring the negotiation to a rapid and advantageous closure.

    This book will teach you:

    What are the most common mistakes in selling and how to avoid them

    How to gain the trust of your client through NLP to close the sale

    Techniques to influence your interlocutor through verbal, non-verbal, intraverbal and extraverbal communication

    The VAK model to persuade your client and read his thoughts, not his words

    How to fascinate the client on the emotional and personal side

    NLP anchors to recall particular emotions and sensations

    What questions to ask your client to open their mind

    Distinguish empowering and depotentising mental states to use them in your favor

    How to close the sales negotiation


    Body language is the most important form of communication. It's easy to lie with words, but body language never lies. Body language is made by small movements and involuntary gestures: The body is speaking with those who are able to grasp its signals.

    Being able to understand people's body language will allow you to analyze people as they really are.

    It is an amazing skill in the workplace, relational or sentimental.

    Imagine being able to read people's minds, as well as interpreting their words. Understanding body language allows you to capture thousands of spontaneous signals that your interlocutor cannot hide.


    You need a branding strategy that makes you Monetize. High Ticket is the only brand positioning manual that focuses on selling high-margin products and services.

    In order to sell high-priced products, you need a flawless positioning and a bomb-proof marketing strategy.

    If you are a small business owner or a professional, you know how difficult it is to make money selling cheap products or services.

    You may be very busy, but how much money do you really bring home? Let me guess: not enough.

    Thanks to the right brand positioning, leveraging the client's psychology, and specific marketing techniques, you will be able to increase your profits by choosing high-paying customers.

    ©2019 Francesco Crema (P)2019 Francesco Crema

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