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    Salad Recipe Books, Plant Based Diet Cookbook, Binge Eating Overcome Eating & Bodyweight Training is a four audiobook bundle!

    When it comes to a quick, healthy meal that you are guaranteed to always feel good about after the fact, nothing beats a good salad! Unfortunately, without a little bit of help in the old idea department, it is easy for your average salad to fall into somewhat of a routine. 

    That’s where The Complete Salad Recipe Cookbook comes in. It includes dozens of recipes specifically chosen to help you spice up your boring old salads.

    It doesn’t matter what type of meal-shaped hole that you are trying to fill, whether you are looking for something that is ready in minutes, a traditional favorite, something for the entire family, or a dinner party.

    The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook:

    Plant-based cooking is a nutritional avenue that allows you to fully appreciate food in its most uncultivated and whole form! Your new path to cooking will center on vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, spices, grains, beans, and cold-pressed oils. Let The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook aid you in living a more healthy and colorful life.

    Inside, you will find mouth-watering recipes, like turmeric roasted potatoes and asparagus, a Thai zucchini noodle bowl, and fresh walnut and pear salad with a homemade lemon poppy seed dressing.  

    Binge Eating Overcome Eating

    One of the largest contributors to obesity is binge eating. Binge eating is when someone is driven to eat compulsively and keeps eating passed the point of fullness and even passed the point of physical pain.

    It is often done in an altered state of consciousness in which the eater doesn't even notice that they are eating. Binge eating, quite often, is a contributing factor to the diabetes epidemic.

    This book will discuss the causes of binge eating and how to stop it! By learning what triggers a binge eating episode, a person is empowered to break the cycle that keeps them unhealthy and unhappy.

    Also explained is why diets will not make you thinner nor stop overeating. The bad habits that keep you locked into continuing binge eating are described along with an easy way to do away with them. A guide to making a food plan that will give you complete control over your food intake is included. 

    Bodyweight Training

    Think you need to hit the gym hard-core and work until you’re sore to lose weight and improve your fitness and strength levels? Think again. All you need is your own body weight to improve both. 

    Your body is an incredible machine, stronger and more capable than you know, and it is in this book that you will learn just how to improve and adapt your fitness routines to harness your body weight training exercises for improved results. 

    ©2018 Charlie Mason (P)2018 Charlie Mason

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