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    Attraction. Passion. Love.


    High-flying business woman in her mid-40s. Driven. Confident. Always puts her shining career before a nonexistent sex life. She knows exactly what she wants, but has never found a man capable of playing out her most secret erotic desires.


    Professional business man. Emotionally distant. Somewhat intimidating. Extremely skilled with his hands, mouth, and body. Five years younger than Isobel, but light years ahead sexually. A formidable opponent, both across the boardroom and in bed. Finally starting to accept that his ideal woman probably doesn't exist.

    Isobel recognizes the risk of their desire from the start. Determined and passionate, Flynn refuses to give up so easily. Two strong-minded and very different people, but they both agree on one thing: Relationships with work colleagues must be avoided at all costs.

    But what if your passions are unleashed before becoming coworkers? That you realize on the first day of your new job that you've already inadvertently screwed your boss? 

    Buckle in. This journey is destined to be bumpy, and things are about to get messy.

    A hot, sticky romance with plenty of sex, this book has been penned strictly for adult listeners.

    ©2021 Fenella Ashworth (P)2021 Fenella Ashworth

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