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    Do you want to control your anxious brain, overcome negativity, stop anxiety, and turn negative thinking into positive thinking? If yes, then keep reading...

    Ever since I was a kid, I've always seen people around me messing up their life and dealing with stress and anxiety. That made me really curious. I decided that I would study so that I could help people solve these problems.

    The writing of this book is based on my studies, my observations on people's lives, and some personal experiences of how to deal with and fight anxiety. It is natural to become anxious at some point in life. 

    I started writing this book when I realized that my dark time where I was depressed just became a past from which I have moved on by asserting positive thoughts and some and exercises to release anxiety.

    I want to share my life and professional experience. My studies have really helped me to release all my negativity toward life and have made me a positive person.

    Affirmations are the encouragement which when practiced everyday can change our way of life. Rewire Your Brain contains 100 positive affirmations which can be practiced by common man in in their daily life without putting much effort toward it. Our thoughts are very powerful in controlling our life. 

    This book covers the following topics:

    • Anxious brain
    • Definition of decluttering
    • Foolproof ways to help you start the process of decluttering
    • How to rewire your brain (step-by-step process)
    • Inside your mind
    • Rewire your brain to overcome negativity and anxiety
    • How your brain may be the secret to dealing with your fears, worries, phobias, and anxieties for good and how to use this part to achieve unbelievable results
    • How to calm down and rewire your amygdala and cerebral cortex to see a big change in how you respond to anxieties, phobias, fear
    • Turn negative thinking into positive thinking
    • Setting the goals
    • And much more...

    As I started writing more ideas popped into my mind. This book also put some light on recent researches published done by university and published in papers.

    For the benefits of my listener, I suggest them to listen to this book with an open heart to accept all the affirmations and to reshape their mind to lead a positive life without anxiety. I have put all my efforts and thoughts to make this book affect your soul.

    ©2020 Ray Benedict (P)2020 Ray Benedict

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