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    If you want to discover how to develop healthy habits, improve your mindset for success, and change emotional habits to stop overthinking and control your anxiety disorder, then keep reading...

    Rewiring your brain implies that the connections or links between neurons in your brain are transforming. Everything we learn is stored in the brain, and the brain can't store information if it doesn't physically change in some (usually routine) way. In this sense, your brain is constantly being rewired.

    This book will make you better understand the concept of brain rewiring, all you need to know about brain rewiring, the benefits and advantages brain rewiring provides, and how it generally works.

    This book enriches you with: the fundamentals of rewiring your brain, achieving success with brain rewiring, and stopping overthinking with brain rewiring.

    This book provides a solid foundation for those who want to develop healthy habits, control their emotions, and overcome their anxiety disorder through brain rewiring.

    The book goes deeply into responding to every inquiry you may have about brain rewiring from various perspectives to make you have full insight and comprehension of the subject matter.

    Neuroplasticity is fundamentally "the capacity [of the brain] to change its structure and capacity in light of experience".

    Neuroplasticity has become a trendy expression in scientific and psychology circles just as outside of them, promising that you can rewire your brain to improve everything from health and mental prosperity to personal satisfaction.

    This book talks about the science of neuroplasticity as it sheds more light into the revolution of neuroplasticity and how you can outsmart your brain with neuroscience.

    The content of this book includes:

    • Brain fitness and Alzheimer's disease
    • Rewire your brain, body, and soul with subliminal messages.
    • The universe inside your brain
    • Rewire your brain to overcome break up stress.
    • Rewire your brain to change emotional habits.
    • Train your brain to quit overthinking.
    • The ten fundamentals of rewiring your brain
    • Optimize your brain – practice mindfulness.
    • Feed your brain – keep your mind.
    • Your brain on yoga – proven positive impacts
    • How to get rich rewiring your brain
    • Rewire your brain to overcome insomnia.
    • Three ways to rewire your brain in one day
    • How to quickly rewire your brain to achieve maximum prosperity
    • The science of neuroplasticity
    • The neuroplasticity revolution

    At the end of this book, you will know how to use your brain more effectively and win in all situations through brain rewiring.

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    ©2020 David J. Goleman (P)2020 David J. Goleman

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