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    The comprehensive guide to your memory.

    No matter how many tricks exist on the market, the only real way to master your memory is to own it. It's not just about quick tips and small tricks, it's about growing your genius and taking control of your life.

    In this book, you will learn how your memory works and what you can do to become a life-long genius. You will learn real facts about your brain and memory, including steps that will improve your overall learning journey.

    The market is full of books that offer tricks, but this one is promising more. Discover the unique quirks and corners of memory that makes yours unique, because everyone is different and as such, we all think a little differently. This book will not only teach you useful memory techniques, it will enable you to make these techniques work for you and your unique mind.

    This book covers:

    • Your memory and how each stage works
    • How to identify your memory issues and common memory problems
    • How each type of memory is formed
    • How to engage your subconscious mind to make your memory work
    • How to fine-tune your focus
    • How to determine your learning styles and use them to aid your memory
    • How other factors in your life affect or improve your memory
    • Actual techniques, demonstrations, and more

    The techniques that you learn in Retrain Your Brain: Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Your Memory and Awake Your Inner Genius are designed to help you with memory in any area of your life, including studying for tests, remembering important names, and memorizing long numbers.

    Designed to be a completely comprehensive listen, this book will give you everything you need to become a master of your memory.

    ©2017 Ivan Harmon (P)2017 Ivan Harmon

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