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    Romance, mystery, and spooky thrills! If you love Angela Pepper's hit Wisteria Witches series, you'll adore these paranormal tales.

    The Restless Spirits books by Angela Pepper are complete stand-alone mysteries set in the regular world, with a ghost or two in each book. These tales range from humorous to suspenseful, with thrilling twists and danger at every turn!

    Book 1: Date with a Ghost
    A grieving woman makes an emotional connection with a ghost who leads her to a killer in this gripping psychological thriller.

    Samantha Torres seems to have everything. As a beautiful lifestyle blogger, her life is enviable from the outside. But she carries a terrible weight, and she has come to Owl Bend, Colorado, to forget her painful past. She meets a handsome man in the woods and thinks her luck is changing. When he suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances, Samantha is drawn into the man's past.

    As she unlocks the secrets that he and the other residents of Owl Bend have been keeping, she attracts unwanted attention. A devious killer has a new victim in sight, and now Samantha's life hangs in the balance.

    Date with a Ghost is a riveting psychological thriller/supernatural suspense mystery that will have you gasping at the twist ending!

    Book 2: Interview with a Ghost
    A lonely rich girl is haunted by a tormented ghost who seeks a killer.

    Piper was hoping to meet her favorite author before he died, but she was a day late. The famous man's luck ran out right before Piper showed up at his house for a casual interview. Piper finds herself at the heart of the literary world's biggest scandal yet. A celebrity crime reporter hires Piper as her apprentice.

    When a budding romance with a murder suspect begins to blossom, Piper finds herself in a dangerous situation.

    Book 3: Dancing with a Ghost
    Some secrets won't stay buried....

    Shy and sensitive art student Katie Mills is trying to escape the ghost who haunts her after dark. She travels to New Mexico to study with a master painter and rejuvenate under the big, blue southwestern sky.

    But the ghost who followed Katie to the desert isn't content with sampling the spicy cuisine and painting the local landscape. This restless spirit is interested only in justice.

    Katie is finally breaking out of her quiet shell and learning how to paint with abandon when one of the other guests turns up dead. In the wake of the tragedy, Katie surprises herself by finding comfort in a fellow artist's arms. But as new evidence surfaces and suspicion broadens, Katie doesn't know whom to trust. And now the vengeful ghost she brought with her is demanding to be heard.

    Time is running out. Katie must find the courage to speak up and solve the ranch's deadly mystery before a killer takes another life.

    ©2016-2017 Angela Pepper (P)2018 Angela Pepper

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