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    What happens when a hero, a victim, and a psychopath's lives collide? Get Rescuing Melissa to find out.

    As the wife of the Fairytale Killer, Melissa is closing out a chapter of her life, one cloaked in horror and guilt. All she wants is to move on and put the past behind her.

    On leave from his role as a Guardian, an elite group of paramilitary hostage rescue specialists, CJ will finally witness the execution of the man who butchered his baby sister.

    As Melissa and CJ rebuild the pieces of their lives, a man with the blackest of hearts and an endless capacity to inflict pain changes everything. Prince Charming seeks to honor his mentor's legacy and expand his collection of princesses by adding his most treasured Queen. When tornados tear through town, three lives will be uprooted, twisted, and tangled beyond what any of them can foresee. Melissa and CJ will struggle to come together as horrific events rip them apart, while crazy Prince Charming seeks his Queen.

    Will Prince Charming destroy CJ and Melissa's chance for a happily ever after? Or, will true love prevail?

    If you love romantic suspense with passionate and protective former Special Forces military heroes who like to take charge, steamy couples, and happily ever afters, Rescuing Melissa is for you.

    Rescuing Melissa is book one in the Guardian HRS series. All books are contemporary stand-alone military romances, with protective male heroes and the smart, feisty heroines who steal their hearts.

    ©2017 Ellie Masters (P)2021 Ellie Masters


    "An intriguing mix of love story, action heroes, and whacked-out freaks high on Girl Scout cookies - exactly my kind of book and highly recommended!" (Elise Noble, author)

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