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    Do you feel the need to eat, even though you're not hungry? Have you ever forced yourself to keep stuffing your stomach to the point of discomfort? Maybe you keep on eating when you are tired and lonely?

    If you want to learn how to stop binging and find peace with food, then keep listening.

    Whenever there is a surge of emotion in your mind, often you might have got rid of the feelings by overeating. If this is the situation, you have eaten food for emotional reasons.

    Life isn't always easy. And society imposes fast and unstoppable rhythms on us. Work, family and couple relationships can lead to excessive stress that we can't handle. Our minds, often unconsciously, react to accumulated stress by seeking comfort in food.

    The truth is this is momentary relief. Overeating will not eliminate the pain, but it can lead us to feel disappointed and dissatisfied with ourselves, with the sad consequence of accumulating weight.

    The solution is to practice mini daily habits that create a healthy and mindful relationship with food. And, at the same time, help you to lose weight still enjoying your favorite food.

    The goal of Relationship with Food is simple: It will teach you the actions, habits, and mindset to discover a balanced and joyful relationship with food.

    You will learn:

    • The importance of food variety to provide your body all the energy it needs
    • Mini and good habits of life that will avoid making you use food as an outlet valve
    • The importance of food education
    • How to stop diet mentality and make peace with food
    • How to ensure the eating disorder never comes back
    • Ways to Prepare Healthy and Tasty Meals for 7 Days
    • Healthy meal prep for beginners

    Even if you’ve never had a good relationship with food, you’ll be able to be the proud owner of a healthy body.

    ©2019 Suzanne Plan (P)2020 Suzanne Plan

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