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Relics Singularity Series, Book 2
Autor: Nick Thacker
Sprecher: David S. Dear
Serie: Relics Singularity Series, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 5 Min.

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An army of crazed, mindless Relics. An organized, power-hungry band of wandering Unders. A man, still lost in his own memories. A war is coming....

This is Relics.

Myers is starting to piece together his life as the world around him crumbles. After a technological singularity, there is an all-knowing power controlling the lives of everyone on Earth. Myers can't remember what the System is, but he does remember one thing: he played a role in why it exists.

Rand and Diane join Myers in a race to discover what the System wants, who wants to stop it, and who wants to see it succeed at all costs. However, there are new players in the game. An entire population of Relics exists, but what they want with Myers is still unclear.

What's worse, they've all lost their minds, and Myers is starting to feel his own slipping away....

©2016 Turtleshell Press, Nick Thacker (P)2017 Turtleshell Press, Nick Thacker


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